NEW VIDEO: short documentary and live show


Back in October 2017 we played an amazing sell-out set at the Royal Albert Hall’s iconic Elgar Rooms. Fortunately our friends at Infinite Ear filmed the whole thing and have edited a great short documentary. It’s a great introduction to Jally’s music, his story, his roots and also the history behind the kora. We hope you enjoy.

Infinite Ear will be releasing the full live set at the Royal Albert Hall later this month too so watch this space.

This video is part of Infinite Ear’s ‘IE Live Series’ which will introduce a new artist every month through a short documentary and/or a live video, and will also host events in London featuring these artists and other talent we highly rate. Their first event will feature Jally Kebba Susso and Manding Sabu in an evening of music, film and art. More information on this series to follow.